The relevance of Intelligent Systems (IS) and Machine Learning (ML) becomes obvious when considering that they have to meet the challenge of providing applications many of them, like Smart Cities and eHealth, irreversible due to social and sustainability requirements demanding innovative massive data processes oriented to interdisciplinary fields. This project preempts the separation in the knowledge on IS/ML addressing some of their most important areas in an integrated and cooperative way, together with, necessarily interdisciplinary, applications. The following general objectives are pursued:

  • make significant progress in these fields;
  • derive new techniques and concepts through the combination of their perspectives;
  • build an integrated framework able to become established and expanded, providing a competitive international position;
  • get into motion some innovative practical applications including other specific knowledge (for instance: psychosociology, clinical, urbanism, etc.) in order to increase the chance of success;
  • include a scientific and media diffusion plan to obtain the professional and social understanding and appreciation.

Conceptos y Aplicaciones de los Sistemas Inteligentes (S2013/ICE-2845)